"Youth Healthcare Access"

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The Medical Care Access Coalition (MCAC) is a non-profit organization set up to help the uninsured residents of Upper Michigan get the healthcare services they need and deserve. How do we do it? Doctors volunteer their time to see patients who qualify for the program free of charge! Our local hospitals donate common lab and X-ray testing! We even have a pharmacy program where patients can receive generic medications for only a $4 co-pay! The program works thanks to generous support from a variety of individuals and organizations---and together we're making a difference in people's lives and the overall health of our community.

The Dickinson-Iron MCAC is only one of several access to care programs spanning the 15 counties of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We are linked together through the Upper Peninsula Health Access Coalition (UPHAC), a board made up of representatives from across the region for the purpose of collaboration. These partnerships continually lead to resource and information sharing, and we have developed a national reputation for our efforts and progress.

In 2004, the Upper Peninsula was awarded a 2.6 million dollar Healthy Communities Access Program (HCAP) federal grant to develop its access to care programs. This funding is allowing the Dickinson-Iron MCAC and agencies like it to provide medical services to our friends and neighbors in a dignified and professional manner. We have also been able to bolster our resources and increase the provisions of the programs.

In 2006, the federal government estimated that there are 46 million uninsured Americans. . .and that number continues to grow. While our program is not a solution for a nationwide problem, it is a helping hand for thousands of people living in our area.

Where We’re Going . . .
We are confident that we can continue to provide access to health care for some of the uninsured while our government struggles with the ongoing healthcare crisis in our country. The need is great and our job is a big one, but when we look at how far we have come in the last five years, we have reason to be optimistic that positive things will result from the work that has been started here.

Thanks to all who have been a part of this ministry.

Mary Lou Blomquist & Jan Collins

Former Board Co-Chairs, Jan Collins (left) and Mary Lou Blomquist (right)
are pictured with current Chair, Pastor Jim Chinery.
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