"Please tell everybody at MCAC that Dr. Hamer, the chiropractor in Crystal Falls, is amazing when it comes to people with fibromyalgia. He is a gold mine of a resource and I thank you for allowing me to go there. Have a good day darling, you've done some good in the world!"
~ Antonia, DIMCAC Client

"Before I couldn't get any insurance at all---and I have eczema really bad and it was causing me not to be able to work. I was taking off at least twice a week because I couldn't bend my fingers and I couldn't afford to go to a specialist, or even the doctor. It's helped me a lot, now I have full range of motion. . .If I didn't find you, I would probably be borrowing money from my boss and she would take it out of my check."
~ Crystal, DIMCAC Client

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